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Ayaansh’s Photoshoot

About This Project

The story began when Ayaansh’s parents asked me for a quick maternity photoshoot. I went home and started preparing for the next day photoshoot, and the parents went out rushing for a last minute maternity shopping.

In the morning, I was all set for the shoot when I get a call from an unknown number, and I was surprised to hear that they had their baby 🙂

Somehow they were not able to plan the new born photoshoot but booked the package for the milestone (3, 6, 9 months + 1 year with cake smash).

This portfolio page will document Ayaansh’s journey from the first month to an year when he ready to experience some colors, taste and fun.

It is so much fun to take pictures of these little angels, you feel like going in past and enjoy your own childhood. He is so adorable, I wanted to use all my props but it gets difficult when the little fellow starts crawling and walking 🙂

But, it is such a wonderful experience to capture the special moments of Ayaansh and his family.


Kids, New Born